Suffolk Vegans Club – All Welcome

The very first, 'Suffolk Vegans Club' will be held this Saturday 2nd December 2017, from 10am-12noon, at Isaacs, Ipswich. The club is free and all are welcome. Wether you are vegan, thinking of becoming vegan, or just want to socialise with a bunch of vegans... come along! Club meetings will be arranged for the first... Continue Reading →

What’s Cooking this Season?

As we descend into autumn, with chilly mornings, grey skies and the nights 'drawing in', it only feels natural to keep warm, cosy and well fed. Last week, I did not stick to my 'normal' eating regime, as I have had annual leave with trips away and my birthday to celebrate. Eating habits die-hard during... Continue Reading →

Bakewell Tart – Recipe

For me, a plant-based 'diet' is all about discovering new ingredients and flavours, learning new skills in the kitchen and making 'cruelty free' snacks and meals. I have an account on Pinterest where I have been 'pinning' recipes that I wish to try: Pinterest - Planting Ethics Recently I discovered this vegan, Bakewell Tart recipe: Ingredients:... Continue Reading →

‘Method’ Anti-Bac Spray – Product Review

Brand: 'Method’ Product: Anti-bacterial, 'all purpose cleaner' Scent: Wild rhubarb Size: ‘Big Bottle’ 828ml Cost: £3.00 Pros Good cleaning performance on kitchen worktops and various surfaces Kills 99.9% of bacteria Beautiful scent of rhubarb, clean and refreshing Certified 'cruelty free' Biodegradable ingredients Easy to use with great spray nozzel Clearly labelled with thorough and clear... Continue Reading →

Wrecking Ball Comments

PETA have named her the 'Veganest Vegan to Ever Vegan' and whilst I'm not a fan of her music, I admire her unapologetic views on animal rights and being vegan. Miley Cyrus, has a privileged platform and uses it to her advantage, showing her 71.8 million followers on Instagram, personal thoughts and feelings on veganism.... Continue Reading →

All Jacked up for that Fruit!

Jackfruit, is simply amazing. My first attempt at using this ingredient was last year and even then, was amazed by the texture of this fruit. "The people who think veganism is hard are thinking about themselves. The people who think veganism is easy, are thinking about the animals" - Ari Solomon (Vice President of Communications at... Continue Reading →

Treking for that Protein

Protein bars... Delicious and nutritious? Since the beginning of my plant-based diet and fitness regime, the question of... 'getting enough protein' ... is a reoccurring subject. From one source online, they provided the following information: Men - 56g protein recommended, daily Women - 46g protein recommended, daily Lentils - 1 cup = 18g protein Black... Continue Reading →

Ethical High Street Fashion – H&M

In reality, the majority of us probably have too many clothes. Wearing the same 'favourite' items of clothing each week, whilst the remaining stock pile in our wardrobes and drawers stay there, dormant, never to see the light of day. Since embracing a plant-based diet and a more ethical, environmentally friendly approach to living life,... Continue Reading →

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