Nutrition – Vegan Meal Plan

Food, we need it… but are we actually eating what we need?

Ideally, we should be consuming a certain percentage of the following food groups, daily:

  • Fruit and vegetables – 33%
  • Carbohydrates (bread, rice, potatoes, pasta, starchy foods) – 33%
  • Dairy – 15%
  • Protein – 12%
  • High in Fat or Sugar – 7%

Not forgetting the consumption of fibre, probiotics, vitamins, minerals and everything else!

I personally find it over complicated at times, there is an array of different meal plans and ‘diet’ plans to follow.

However, I believe you should do what is right for your body, to ensure it is fit and healthy (ethically too, if possible).

What works for one, may not be great for another. As I am trying to become leaner and stronger, I need to ensure my protein consumption is higher than the carbs, eat more vegetables than fruit, as fruit contains more sugar (natural sugar, but it’s still sugar), choose foods that are low in fat, etc…

After researching online, on the ‘NHS – Livewell’ website, the ‘British Nutrition Foundation’, the ‘New Health Guide’, along with other sources that include diagrams and lists with pretty pictures, such as this – ‘Guide to Portion Sizes’. I decided to create my own meal plan…

Vegan Meal Plan Planting Ethics diet

Meal plan is vegan.

My meal plan is a guide, something to help keep me focused. Not everyday will be structured so rigidly as this, however, as you can tell, I really like oats for breakfast!

I aim to buy ethically too, seasonal produce, UK-based and failing that, purchase products that are Fair Trade. I believe in supporting local businesses and trying to put money into our own economy where possible, we need to help boost business and support those around us… it’s all about ‘Planting Ethics’.

– Victoria

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