Unite for the Animals – March

2nd September 2017, marks a date for vegans across the globe…

  • London, UK – Achilles Statue, Hyde Park
  • New York, USA – Flatiron Building, 949 Broadway
  • LA, USA – Pan Pacific Park
  • Miami, USA – Omni / Adrienne Arsht Centre Metromover Station, NE 15th Street
  • Houston, USA – 4740 Spring Cyprus Road
  • Bucharest, Romania – Piața Unirii din București
  • Cluj-Napoca, Romania – Eroilor – La Clopot

Between 12-4pm marches will be taking place from these locations, where protesters will be speaking out against animal cruelty.


westminster london vegan protest 2017 planting ethics suffolk ipswich

In London the march starts at 12pm outside Achilles Statue, Hyde Park, walking up to the Houses of Parliament at Westminster.

Thousands are expected to attend across the globe and from reading threads on Facebook, it looks to be an extremely united front, with people offering car shares to help get as many people there, as possible.

From a personal level, I have never been to a ‘march’ before. Not really knowing what to expect, there are no expectations, but to listen. To listen to others and witness their passion regarding veganism and the right to fight, for what is right (in my opinion).

A placard? Now, this is something I would like to do, however, my views are not for the animals alone, but for the planet. To carry a sign saying…


… Would this be ok? Allow me to explain… There have been some articles as of late, discussing the aggressive ‘nature’ of vegans, regarding their lifestyle choice. I have seen this for myself on Instagram and to a point, it can feel like a competition within the community: ‘I’m more vegan than you are’ attitude. It’s interesting how vegans are not only aggressive towards those who are not vegan, but also aggressive towards those who are vegan! Not to mention trolling online. #NOTCOOL

But all that aside, for me the focus is being vegan, to protect the welfare of animals, protect our planet, look after our health and have compassion.

Saturday will be a new experience and something I believe in. Almost everything I do now is structured around this way of living and to see/meet others with the same view, will be inspiring. Hope to see you there (placard or not)!

– Victoria


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