Wrecking Ball Comments

PETA have named her the ‘Veganest Vegan to Ever Vegan’ and whilst I’m not a fan of her music, I admire her unapologetic views on animal rights and being vegan.

Miley Cyrus, has a privileged platform and uses it to her advantage, showing her 71.8 million followers on Instagram, personal thoughts and feelings on veganism.

On 9th July 2017, Miley made a post on Instagram, condemning meat eaters, of not loving animals…

“If you choose to eat meat… you love PETS not ANIMALS…..”

Screen Shot 2017-09-17 at 22.48.46

When I read this comment, it made me think about our relationship with animals in the western world.

To eat a farm animal, such as a cow, pig, lamb, veal, etc.. is socially acceptable. Walk into any generic supermarket in the UK and we can see these animals for sale, sliced up, in packets, on the shelves. Same with milk from a cow, goat, (whatever they sell) in cartons, ready to purchase.


If we started cutting up the neighbours dog for dinner, or put a cat in a wheelie bin (causing distress)… The Police and the RSPCA would be involved, and you would be charged with an offence!

I remember seeing this video from PETA regarding dog’s milk and laughing hysterically…

“Would you ever drink that madness?”

But it’s true, the thought of drinking milk from a dog, is horrible. So why is it classed so differently from drinking cow’s, goat’s, or sheep’s milk? Is it because farm animals are out of sight, out of mind? We don’t have them in our homes (unless on the dinner plate!) therefore we do not have the same emotional connection to them, they aren’t like having a ‘pet’ dog, cat or canary.

I believe it comes down to what’s ‘socially acceptable’ and the money within the meat and milk industries. The money in these industries are big business and to overthrow the largest industries in the world, isn’t going to be easy. Also, it’s currently acceptable to drink milk from animals. The thought of drinking milk from a human makes me shudder… Not because I don’t like milk, but because it’s not meant for me, none of this milk is meant for anyone or anything, other than a mother giving it’s milk to its offspring.

Why do we eat meat, why do we drink milk? When you think about it, its barbaric and when I have tried to discuss these points with non-vegans, they respond:

“slaughtering them for food is just life… that’s not going to change”

“but I like eating meat, it tastes good!”

“you can have a cake, there’s only a little bit of milk in there, it’s not going to hurt you”

The ignorance of some people and their selfish thinking, is frustrating. It is true, that the consumption of meat and dairy has been happening for hundreds of years, but times change. 200 years ago slavery was the norm, 100 years ago women couldn’t vote and 5 years ago same-sex couples could not get married. Times can and do change, its only a matter of time before they do. It’s a journey and a battle worth fighting for. I can only hope that dramatic changes happen within my lifetime. The clock is ticking on this subject and with the world population standing at 9 billion by 2050, we need to act now.

I’m not a big fan of the celebrity culture, but I do believe that with more and more celebrities becoming vegan and discussing it through their social media channels, it will only bring more attention to the subject and make others aware, that a vegan/plant-based ‘diet’ is the future, not only for the animals, but for them, the generations to come and our for our planet.

– Victoria

“The reason I started this was because I had a fish that was highly intelligent,” she told Jimmy Fallon. “When I would come through the door, and this Blowfish would go to the side and get excited… and one day I went to a sushi restaurant with a few of my friends and they were serving blowfish and I thought, ‘You know, this is an intelligent animal…'” – Miley Cyrus

Screen Shot 2017-09-17 at 22.38.23



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