‘The Apprentice’ – EU Withdrawal Bill

Did anyone else watch ‘The Apprentice’ this week?


“Approximately 1/4 of all British households have a dog… and last year those owners spent £11 billion on those animals”

– Sir Alan Sugar

Incredible. We are clearly a nation of dog lovers, with so many luxury activities and products on the market for our beloved pooches, we can treat them like a human.

The two competing teams, ‘Graphene’ and ‘Vitality’ had to generate profits from dog related products, which ranged from pampering spa treatments, training courses, photo shoots, poop scooping, dancing, toys, ‘Pawsecco’ (yes, imitation alcohol for dogs), etc…

‘Graphene’ and ‘Vitality’ interact with an array of dogs during the programme and as a viewer, watching the relationship between human and dog, conveys that dogs are clever, cute, funny, responsive (one dog receives a facial and is clearly enjoying it!), obedient, defiant, individual, compliant, loving, obnoxious, caring… all of which are qualities that we can use to describe humans… Thus leading me onto my next topic, the vote from MPs to reject the inclusion of animal sentience (the admission that animals feel emotion and pain) into the EU (aka ‘Brexit’) Withdrawal Bill.

Voting: yes – 295, no – 313

It was a close call, but nevertheless, it was a loss.

“They, like us, are aware of their surroundings, they have the capacity to feel pain, hunger, heat and cold. In other words, they are aware of whats happening to them and of their interaction with other animals, including indeed ourselves, humans”

This is a step backwards in our cohabitation between human and animal. It personally strikes me as unusual that we find it acceptable to eat some animals such as pigs, cows, lambs and chickens, yet to eat your neighbours dog is a criminal offence. The mind doth wonder…

“and your punch line was, ‘scoops and shoots’, sounds a bit sinister really, sounds like you clean the dogs up and then you give it to the vets to put it down, hmm*”

– Sir Alan Sugar

Animals and their products are a market, regardless if it to pamper our beloved family dog, cat, lizard, goldfish with luxury items, or if it is to slaughter animals and use their bodies for food, consume their milk and test their flesh for our cosmetics. Everything (regardless of its subject matter) and everyone has a price in this world and we manipulate it for our own selfish needs…

I am not here to preach to the converted, nor am I here to make you change your ways if you are an ‘animal eater’, but here to merely highlight some of these issues and make you think about them.

Thank you for reading

– Victoria


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