Ipswich, Selling REAL FUR for Fashion?

A new store has opened in Ipswich town centre, ‘Tessuti’ on Westgate street.


‘Tessuti’ sell designer/premium brand clothing across the UK and online. Their online store is selling ‘Canada Goose’, along with other companies that use real fur in their products (such as; jackets, hats and pompom keyrings).

However, ‘Tessuti’ in Ipswich, are selling products that contain real fur and down, some are displayed in their shop window!

Brands ‘Tessuti’ sell, that contain fur:

Canada Goose – (online store)
Mackage – (possibly in store, certainly online)
Tommy Hilfiger – (possibly in store, certainly online)
Moose Knuckles – (possibly in store, certainly online)
Michael Kors – (possibly in store, certainly online)

Here is a chart that I made showing the types of animals that ‘Parajumpers’ use in their jackets, alongside photographs of ‘Parajumper’ jackets, that are being sold in the Ipswich ‘Tessuti’ store.

On Saturday 16th December 2017, from 10am-12noon, three of us peacefully protested outside the store, handling out literature and talking to passers by. We also held signs.

We will be demonstrating again, this Saturday 23rd December 2017, 11am – 2pm and all are welcome to join us. This is a peaceful protest, where our focus is to educate shoppers and inform them, that REAL FUR is being sold at ‘Tessuti’!.. As the vast majority of shoppers are unaware that fur is being sold in Ipswich, most (that I spoke to on 16/12/17) thought that it was faux fur!

If you would like any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me and please follow the link below, to the facebook event…

Thank you


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