A Letter for Tessuti

Below is a copy of the letter that I sent to Tessuti. Please feel free to copy and paste the letter and use as you see fit. Or alternatively, please follow the link to download the file and adjust accordingly.

A Letter for Tessuti

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Dear Tessuti,

I am contacting you as I am appalled to discover your Ipswich store is selling clothing and fashion accessories utilising real fur and down.

Since I discovered your store is selling real fur and down, a group of activists, with concerns for animal rights, have peacefully protested outside your store with signs. We have also handed out literature to passers-by. Whilst discussing the topic of “fur in fashion” with local shoppers, the vast majority of people are shocked to discover real fur is being sold in Ipswich. They agree with us that it is not acceptable or necessary to utilise real fur in “fashion”. Most shoppers thought it was faux fur and were deeply saddened to be told it is not.

Within the last year, designer brands such as Gucci, Armani, Yoox Net-a-Porter Group and now, Michael Kors, are all going fur-free. This is in addition to Hugo Boss, Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein and Stella McCartney, who have already taken the pledge to go cruelty free and to remove the sale of fur. Whilst I understand your brand is focussed on selling luxurious, high-end, designer clothing, I ask that you stop selling products which contain fur and down. Opulent and beautiful garments should not come at the cost of a defenceless animal suffering or dying for our “fashion” needs. This is absurd.

In Ipswich, you are selling the brands Parajumpers and Pyrenex. Parajumpers have designed a line of jackets using synthetic fur, called ‘Masterpiece Eco Fur’. Pyrenex have designed many garments which do not contain fur. However, both of these brands continue to include the use of duck/goose down in their clothing. This is another issue of concern within our protest; the use of this product is unethical and unnecessary.

In the global down industry, feathers are often ripped out of struggling geese’s skin while they are fully conscious, leaving open, bloody wounds. A recent PETA exposé revealed that even so-called “responsibly sourced” down may be produced using this method. Considering this level of cruelty, the only ethical policy is to stop selling down-filled items altogether. See https://secure.peta.org.uk/page/17667/action/1 for more information.

Topshop, Warehouse, Primark, Whistles and many other retailers have already made the compassionate decision to discontinue the use of down. Please can I ask that Tessuti commit to doing the same?

It also came to my attention that Tessuti are selling Canada Goose via your online store. You must surely be aware of the weekly protests outside the Canada Goose store in London? Activists have been campaigning outside the store in Leicester Square since it opened in November 2017. Each week, the protests have been building in strength and have become visually bolder. Whilst our protests in Ipswich are peaceful and educational, we will not refrain from protesting until all of your fur, along with all of your down based products, are removed from the store.

Another brand you proudly display in your window is Froccella. I am concerned about their fur and down policies, especially as I could not find any information online. Whilst I oppose the use of animal products on all levels, why would you endorse a company that does not disclose the origin of its fur and down? This is cause for alarm, as the fur could be sourced from a barbaric fur farm in China. Who knows? This information is not available. Whilst companies like Parajumpers, Pyrenex and Canada Goose all state they can trace the origin of the materials used in their garments and claim they are “ethically” sourced, Froccella, states nothing on their website. Is the fur and down from Froccella sourced from licensed farms and trappers? Are you happy to associate your brand with the unknown origins of these materials? You must harbour some concern, surely, about the mistreatment of animals; these animals simply become a jacket trim and their down are stuffed into the lining of a jacket. Worse still, this happens without even the courtesy of an explanation as to the method of the process involved.

Fur farms were banned in the United Kingdom in 2000 and all doors on these farms were closed by 2003. We correctly recognised as a country that farmed fur is unethical. Sadly, we are still importing it from other countries. A petition has been launched to make Britain fur free. The hashtag #FurFreeBritain has become prominent on social media. The campaign has been endorsed by Ricky Gervais and other celebrities.

I request that the brands you are pushing in your store and shop window, Parajumpers, Pyrenex and Froccella, along with any other fur and down based garments and fashion accessories sold in Tessuti’s Ipswich store are removed. I will continue to protest outside the store until such items are removed and I will continue to involve the local newspapers, radio and have other animal rights organisations, such as PETA and Respect for Animals, involved.

You are already selling premium, cruelty free, beautiful garments in your store. All I ask is that you stop selling fur and down products. Surely the obvious alternative is to simply sell the synthetic options that are available. Your shop is very welcome in Ipswich; Tessuti brings a new dynamic to the shopping experience in this town. However, we do not welcome the selling of fur and down in Ipswich.

The use of animals for fur and down “fashion” is entirely unnecessary – it is a relic of another era in which humans struggled to survive the cold. I see no evidence that the people of Ipswich are facing such arduous challenges. Whist I oppose the use of fur and down, I also oppose the use of wool, leather and silk. However, I accept that the use of leather is more socially acceptable. Nonetheless, it is only a matter of time before the use of leather, wool and silk is also frowned upon. I shall continue to support the cause of banning the import of fur into the United Kingdom and I will do everything in my power to enshrine this in law. Again, it is only a matter of time before these changes happen. I ask you which side of history do you wish to be on? Is Tessuti, as a brand, forward-thinking in the fashion scene or is the brand stuck in an inglorious past?

Campaigning against fur in the United Kingdom is nothing new. There were many protests in the 80’s and 90’s which opposed fur. I have learned that one protest was held regularly in Ipswich against a shop which was selling fur. After many regular anti-fur protests outside the shop, it was forced to close Of course, Tessuti does not need to close. Tessuti has a plainly soluble problem on its hands. Stop selling fur and down products – use other materials instead.

“The furrier’s Swears and Wells sold animal furs and was always worth a second look, though I doubt whether trade would be quite so brisk in these more enlightened days.”

See http://www.ipswichstar.co.uk/news/gallery-kindred-spirits-shelves-stacked-with-memories-of-old-ipswich-stores-1-4198941
As previously mentioned, we will continue to peacefully protest outside your store on a consistent basis until Tessuti has an ethical change of heart.


Note: These are not cruelty free as they contain down and feathers inside the lining. It is an example of faux fur, but still with needless use of down in ”fashion”.

  • Parajumpers – ‘Masterpiece Eco Fur’

Parajumpers - Masterpiece Eco Fur - WomenParajumpers - Masterpiece Eco Fur - Men

  • Pyrenex – No fur, down or feathers used – ‘Hector’ ‘Honore’


  • Froccella



Tessuti already sells a number of items online containing the use of faux fur. I applaud you for this and I welcome more faux fur products instead of real fur. These items do not contain down:


  • Adidas Originals – Trefoil Fur Padded Parka – Code: 286829 – £115
  • Armani Jeans Fur Bomber Jacket – Code: 280198 – Was £320 now £189 (sale item)
  • Puma X Fenty Faux Fur Bomber Jacket – Code: 001063 – £435
  • True Religion Faux Fur Bomber Jacket – Code: 296794 – £249

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter. Opening a luxurious store, selling high premium clothing, and providing employment is welcome in Ipswich. Tessuti is a great addition to our high street. However, the inhabitants of Ipswich and surrounding areas are animal lovers, who have been shocked, upset and disgusted that real fur is being sold in their town. I request that you withdraw all of your fur and down products and replace them with the synthetic, cruelty free options which are already within your grasp.

I ask that Tessuti goes cruelty free and demonstrates to its customers that it cares about, and is opposed to, animal cruelty. No matter what ethical claims Parajumpers, Pyrenex, Canada Goose, etc. offer regarding the sourcing of animal fur and down, it is unnecessary to wear such beautiful creatures purely for our own vanity and warmth. Quality faux options are available and should be sold instead.

Please can I ask that Tessuti implements a permanent, no fur or down, cruelty free policy?

Thank you.

I, and the people of Ipswich, look forward to your considered response.

Kind Regards

Victoria Petchey


Fur Free Britain – Petition








Designer Brands Ditch Fur – Cruelty Free








High Street Giants – Faux or Real?




Banning Fur – Campaigns




Local Newspaper



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