Where the Ladies at?

Have you ever googled; ‘women in veganism’?

The top results are:

‘Why 79 Percent of American Vegans are Women’

‘Veganism Is A Woman’s Lifestyle, According To Statistics’

‘Our 20 Sexiest Vegan Women’

’12 Famous Vegan Women and Why They Do It’

‘World’s Most Beautiful Vegan Women’

‘I went vegan for 60 days and it changed my life’

‘Vegan Feminist History – Vegan Feminist Network’

‘The Vegan Woman – Savvy and Sassy Vegan Lifestyle’

‘Hot Vegans – List of Sexy Celebrity Vegan Women’

‘Why Men Are Afraid of Going Vegan’

Do you see an alarming pattern here?

When I was asked (last year) ‘which women inspire me?’ I could not recall any women who had or were inspiring me at the time. But why was this?

Daily I see women on magazine covers with little clothing, women on tv looking ‘beautiful’, popstars being glamourised and flaunting their bodies on camera, but wait, wait… HOLD UP. Where are the women who have something to say, have incredibly important issues to discuss and have a valid, opinionated voice towards the structure of our society? Where are my ladies at?

Research shows that the vegan movement is predominantly  women, around 80% are women. I have recently organised a coach trip to a London protest and out of the 15 seats taken, 14 of them are women. So, with women as the majority, why is it that I failed to list women who are leaders in the vegan movement? When I think about the figure heads of the vegan movement today, first into my head is; James Aspey, Earthling Ed, Joey Carbstrong, Dr Neal Bernard, Hench Herbivore, Ronnie Lee. Then with women; that pretty blonde girl with long hair, that awesomely strong girl who represents a vegan protein and loves unicorns and pretty colours, that other girl in the USA who contacted me once to talk about veganism but ignored because I thought ‘what did she know’… I HAVE BEEN PART OF THE PROBLEM. I, myself have not bothered to remember the names of these women, nor exactly what they have contributed towards the movement. YET, when it came to women regarding food and veganism, I could remember the names; Kurly Sue, Deliciously Ella, The Rawtarian etc… WHY was it that I could remember the names of women when it came to food, but not in terms of fitness and activism? What is the stigma of women in veganism, when we are the majority? Why are women being pushed to the sidelines, why are we are contributing towards which men in veganism go ‘to the top’ to represent us, when these figures are not the majority, WOMEN ARE! What is wrong with us ladies, do we not want to hear the voices of women?

Again, is it because women are seen as being too emotional and unsteady, that our views on the subject are not communicated well? Why is it that beautiful vegan ladies with pretty cook books and family based, delicious recipes stick in our minds? Why are women falling into the trap AGAIN of staying in the kitchen and letting men do the talking?

Well I say, NO.


As a strong, confident, compassionate, educated, travelled, individual, friendly, creative and artistic woman, I can do anything just as good as any other man or woman, if I set my mind to it. We should be equal and veganism is about the rights of animals, not exploiting them, equality, fairness and compassion. However, we seem to be leading our own female species down a path of inequality within a movement, that is predominately ‘ours’.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this subject and am extremely keen to work with other ladies in the vegan movement, regardless of your background, ethnicity, age, location, etc… I believe we need to create a bond of women who will represent us in a true light and actually represent the vegan movement as a collective majority, not that of a few men who seem to be getting all the attention. No hate on them, but I believe we need to start pushing women through to the top and empower one another. Out of interest, have any of the questions asked in this post even crossed your mind before?

I look forward to hearing from you…

– Victoria


3 thoughts on “Where the Ladies at?

  1. This is a very big part of the reason I took it upon myself to create a YouTube channel, “public figure” page & document my activism

    I thought hang on, I CAN DO THIS!

    For the women & the animals
    Joey Carbstrong happens to be my favorite activist, not because he is male, but because he is unapologetically human

    His approach made me see that I do not have to be “perfect” to make a difference

    I’m just little old me & I want everyone that feels like they’re not brave enough, “cute” enough
    Intelligent enough, eloquent enough to see me and think, she’s like me, I can do this too.

    Regardless of gender, sexual orientation or background

    I am good enough, women are good enough
    My agenda is a vegan world but also to inspire others just like me, that have their own complex human issues, to rise up and feel good enough


    1. Amazing response Nikki, and I appreciate you taking the time to read the post and comment.

      I love the remark you made about Joey Carbstrong, he happens to be you favourite Activist, “not because he is male, but because he is unapologetically human”. Great point! This shouldn’t have to be a battle of the sexes, we are all human, but part of me can’t help but notice the clear absence of women in the limelight of this movement. I am inspired daily by the women I have met at vegan festivals and activist events, on Facebook, Instagram, twitter, etc… but all these women are day to day, like you and me… where are the women up there speaking out and holding a torch for us?

      I think your activism is incredible, your power, determination, creativity, boldness and compassion are all qualities that should be shone into the movement, I want women like you, to be up there with the likes of Joey, Ed and the rest.


  2. Have been wondering this myself for quite some time!
    The female activist explosion is bubbling under the surface, I can feel it.
    I get lots of messages from females saying I inspire them to be more vocal, more confident in standing up for the animals.
    Big things are happening and we won’t be silenced!


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