“I’ll have the rib eye”

Eating food at most restaurants in the UK requires a ‘pre-check’ of the menu, to ensure they have non-carnist options available.

In Suffolk there has been an increase of restaurants including these options and yesterday I visited one called ‘The Forge‘.

Starter: Smoked Stuffed Shrooms – sundried tomato, basil, tahini and pine nuts

Main: Smoked Tofu Paella

This was a luncheon with my brother whom I have not seen since becoming vegan and we discussed the subject sparingly. He is a man who enjoys eating meat and cheese, to which I feel addressing the views of a vegan over a slow period of time will be more beneficial than ranting at him at the table regarding the dead animal on his plate. I believe he was worried that I was going to guilt him whilst eating his ‘rib eye steak’ and lecture him on the suffering of the animal. BUT I DIDN’T.

I have regularly experienced people’s ignorance to discuss the origins of the meat they choose to eat and it hasn’t got me any closer to changing their minds. If anything, people become more defensive and see it as an attack on THEIR human rights to do as they please and not be criticised or made to feel bad about their food choices. I have now taken the approach to discuss the facts about meat, dairy and eggs, to talk to people about animals and acknowledge them as living creatures (like you and I). I believe we need to reconnect with our food and exactly what it is, because when people think about eating meat and see it as the flesh of a dead animal, they feel guilty. Surely a natural reaction to feel guilt? Because somewhere in our consciousness we recognise that something isn’t right.

I am not hear to preach to anyone about being vegan but to talk freely about the subject and give people the thinking space to question what it is they are eating and to remember it was once alive. To realise that something had to suffer and or die, so that us as a species could consume it or use it as a product for our own needs.

Just something to think about.

– Victoria


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