They aren’t chirping anymore


Eye Poultry



Will our future generations see no difference between the two?

The truck arrived onsite and I felt blank. For others at the ‘Eye Poultry’ abattoir this was nothing new and had seen this practice before. I stood still and waited behind the group to follow protocol.

As I walked over to the truck it felt peaceful and calm. Those around me were holding their phones to the mesh, material shutters over the truck recording its delicate inhabitants (albeit not for much longer). The chickens were chirping innocently whilst unaware of their destiny to die.

Chickens are not seen as life but as a commodity for the human diet. I will not forget hearing their beautiful, young chirps whilst hearing the song birds in the trees above singing. I will not forget those around me respectfully and calmly recording the reality of the distressing situation. I will not forget the hot and cold temperatures of the weather that morning and how it felt parallel to the warmth and unity of being around like-minded and caring individuals, against the cold sadness of why we were gathered together. I will not forget the anger and frustration I felt (and still do) towards our species for constantly repeating this process for no good reason. Shame on us, what have we become?

Tonight I think of those young lives killed for selfish human greed.

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This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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