Monday Moments… Keep your Mouth Shut!


Today the ability of keeping my mouth shut was challenged…

At work I discovered the customer siting in-front of me is employed by a local slaughterhouse. The very slaughterhouse I stood outside last week bearing witness to the thousands of chickens brought to slaughter.

What do you do in such situations? My head raced with questions but I knew it wasn’t professional to say anything at work. I gathered my thoughts, didn’t say a word, and very quickly moved on with my job.

One of the toughest situations I believe vegans find themselves in, is not being able to talk freely in certain circumstances. The limitations on talking to passers-by, people in the supermarkets, friends, family and colleagues, etc. Telling them the truth about animal cruelty, what they are eating, the industries they are supporting and how they are hurting their health. It’s tough to discuss these topics without appearing like the ‘crazy, extreme vegan’ and trying to remain impartial whilst representing your employer… Is not easy.

Vegans are reminded daily that we are wrong, we should eat meat, we should drink dairy, wear leather, buy into fast fashion, to purchase sweet treats containing gelatine and egg… almost every industry or product we look at has exploited an animal/s in some way.

It’s tough to keep your mouth shut, when you want to help the voiceless and tell others about these atrocities.


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