Activism: A ‘state’ of mind

I envy those with the ability to stay strong, positive and focussed during activism.

I’ve always been a sensitive soul but my heart is in the right place. It’s tough sometimes to stay happy and upbeat about the issues we are tackling when you think about the magnitude of the battle we are taking on. We will be fighting this issue for the rest of our lives and that has been a heart-breaking realisation for me the past few days.


On Friday I watched chickens being delivered for slaughter. I have never felt such rage regarding animal welfare before and was so angry after the event.

Reaching out on social media I asked the question, if anyone else suffered upset, frustration and anger after witnessing animals being led to slaughter. The response was minimal and felt isolating.

How is it possible to remain calm, sensible, controlled, ‘happy’, ‘upbeat’, etc. after witnessing horrific scenes like these?


It’s no surprise you occasionally hear of activists having a breakdown, or crashed and burnt themselves out after repetitive campaigning for animal liberation. We see so much torture, sadness, pain, death, blood and injustice, sometimes it’s difficult to keep going. But is it okay to talk about the suffering we have seen, we watch so much, but surely this will be having an impact on our mental state?


I would welcome activists to be mindful to those they stand alongside. It is extremely important to discuss the atrocities of what is happening to animals and our planet with others, but we must also take it upon ourselves to look out for those around us, those who may be suffering from what they have seen and need a little comfort or someone to talk to about how they are feeling. Depression is something to discuss and there is no shame in it. Activists see so much pain it’s understandable that sometimes we go to a dark place.

Supporting one another in this movement is crucial and essential to keeping our fellow activists (and ourselves) going and standing on a united front.

Peace and love.

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