Facebook – Life takeover?

Facebook is a wonderful tool for marketing and networking on social media, but if I’m honest, I hate it.

Facebook reels you in and I believe it can become an addictive web of comparing your life to others which makes you feel low and wanting more, never being satisfied.

I only enjoy having Facebook for staying in contact with those whom I care about, but for that and networking is the only reason.

I deleted my first Facebook account around 6-7 years ago and was done with it. Since then work colleagues and friends would regularly talk about Facebook and what ‘so-and-so’ was doing. It’s not natural to share so much personal information as we do online and even writing this is sharing too much! But I have to address this issue because when I go quiet on Facebook for days I do not mean to be rude by not responding or not being part of the ‘group’ but I don’t get on with Facebook, it’s not my friend and am only on it for the reasons stated above; to stay in contact with those whom I care about and for networking on social media for events to promote veganism (Inside Veganism, Suffolk Vegans Club, Planting Ethics and seeing listed events).

Maybe be present in the moment, listen to the birds, be kind, read a book, breath in the fresh air, give your eyes a rest and take a break… Facebook is great for many people and appreciate that but I can’t get along with it, I’m only joining in because its ‘what we do’. Plus, to get this message to you I will have to post it via Facebook so you see it… It’s a constant web.

Love, peace and look up at the beautiful sky this weekend 🙂

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