Inspiring woman, Kayleigh

Last night on ‘Inside Veganism’, I became totally inspired by our guest, Kayleigh.

Kayleigh is a bundle of positive energy and it radiates from her like sunbeams! Six years ago her life changed when she was diagnosed with cancer and continues to live with the condition. When I first met Kayleigh, she was incredibly happy, smiley, bubbly, talkative, in amazing shape and had endless energy, I would never has guessed she was dealing with cancer, not in million years!

This got me thinking… Kayleigh put it in perspective and made me realise that all my silly worries, insecurities and trying to ‘get everything done’ was so insignificant and made me wonder why I bothered to get so uptight about such irrelevant things.

Positivity, being grateful, appreciative, compassionate, thoughtful, caring, understanding, mindful, respectful, loving, kind and taking the time to look after yourself with realistic goals is all that really matters.

I wish to adopt more of the qualities mentioned above and to stay more positive with life.

Thank you to Kayleigh, for making realise this, what a woman!

Please follow her on social media, all links available via her website:


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