Taking the pledge

Have you heard about ‘The Liberation Pledge’?

Sometimes we find ourselves in compromising situations with family and friends in regards to food. Being around those whom we love and watching them eat the corpse of an animal can be horrific and incredibly uncomfortable to witness. So, to avoid such situations occurring in the future, I have decided to take the pledge.

The pledge is simple:

one | Publicly refuse to eat animals – live vegan.
two | Publicly refuse to sit where animals are being eaten.
three | Encourage others to take the pledge.

Pledge to show respect for victims of violence, to demonstrate opposition to a brutal system, and to push all those around us to build a more peaceful world by refusing to eat animals — or sit at a table where a victim’s body is being eaten. Be proud of this conviction – be open, honest and outright. Wear a fork bracelet as a symbol of this pledge, and to show support for others who have taken it as well.

This is not an easy decision to make and I’m aware it will limit my ability to partake in certain activities with others, but, to continue sitting with those who are doing the very activity I am fighting against seems counterproductive. By sitting with those who choose to eat animals is a form of ‘acceptance’ to their actions (in my opinion) and I STRONGLY disagree with their actions to eat animals, so I will no longer sit with those who eat the flesh of dead things.

If you would like further information on the pledge, pease see the website link here:




Today I am stating my refusal to eat where animals are being eaten. Like many of my friends, I know animals of many species – human, dog, chicken, fish – and I respect all of them and even love some of them. For this reason, from this point on, I will treat the body of any animal the same and refuse to participate in meals where animals’ bodies are being eaten.

– Victoria

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