Thrifty rags

Old clothing and what to do with it?

When speaking to Bel and Emma on ‘Inside Veganism‘ we discussed old clothing and what to do with it. I’ve had a delayed spring clean at home and decided to clear out the wardrobes.

I’ve been trying to purchase cotton and linen clothing for us. However, there are still some manmade fibres woven within (such as lycra). I wish to have an eco-friendly wardrobe and be more mindful to the clothing I wear. It’s all about quality now, not quantity.

In order to use old clothing more effectively I made a ‘rag-bag’ from an old shirt. I cut up old clothing that was not fit for the charity shop and placed it within the ‘rag-bag’ ready for dusting, etc.

Get thrifty people and res-use the goods!

Step 1:

Choose an old shirt.


Step 2:

Turn the shirt inside out and lay it flat. Pin a straight line across the bottom of the shirt and around the hem of the sleeve join. Cut off the sleeve for easier sewing on the machine.


Step 3:

Machine along the placement line of the pins. Don’t forget to secure the ends of the thread when you’ve finished machining!


Step 4:

Turn the shirt back inwards and there you have it, a rag-bag! The label can be used to hang on a hook if you wish.


So, get thinking, recycling and be a little more thrifty at home 🙂

– Victoria


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