16 litres of water and counting

Water, do you take it for granted?

Last week the boiler broke and I adore hot showers… This was a problem.

Ever had a cold shower? It’s rather painful and not pleasant.

Nevertheless, the cold shower experience got me thinking… How much water do we really need?

If everyone had cold showers we would probably be under the water for 2 minutes maximum! But, with the luxury of hot water we can easily devour over 10 minutes of it onto our skin.

I put a challenge out there to those who take showers… Within the next week I’d like you to have a cold shower (do not turn that hot tap on!) and see how much water (and time) you save. Be reflective on the experience and see what thoughts come to mind.

Yesterday a wonderful young lady told me that we use around 16 litres of water per minute in the shower! That’s insane!

This post isn’t about making you into an eco warrior, but to think about the resources you use and to be mindful of them. They are very precious and we should never take them for granted.

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