Facing the Truth

Facing the truth can be tough.

Finding a solution to the problem can be tough.

However, IS the answer to ‘toughen up’ and get over it? But how?

It was recently said to me, that in order to move forward in life we need to ‘draw a line under it’. Whilst I agree and can see the merits of this saying, it’s not so easy to practice, or is it?

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you cannot understand the actions of others and you try desperately in every way possible to reason or sympathise with them, only to find the situation going round and round and round? Nothing gets resolved and you become stuck.

Or have you been so deep into a problem you realise that you were the problem and it’s tough to admit your fault/s?

How do you resolve your truths and ‘draw a line under it’? How do you apologise and admit your wrongs? Any advice, tips or comments would be welcomed.

Thank you for reading

– Victoria


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