Is my way better than yours?

Is your best, really good enough?

Ever compare yourself to others and wish you could be like them, do as much as them, be inspiring like them?

Within the vegan community I believe we all carry unique and individual skills to raising awareness. However, it is crucial to remember we are all valid and just because someone doesn’t do it your way, or the way you think it should be done, doesn’t make their approach invalid, it’s just different to what you would do.

Last Saturday I was in London attending a vegan parade and during the march I saw a fellow vegan verbally attacking a member of the public. Her approach was extremely brash, loud and intimidating. The method of activism I witnessed was far removed from anything I had seen before and caught me by surprise. My natural response was to get involved and say to the fellow vegan;

“Don’t talk to members of the public like that! We are here to have a nice time and spread the word of veganism in a friendly and peaceful manner! Do you think you are going to change anyones mind by talking to them like that?!”

I was incredibly frustrated and angry by what I had seen but so was my fellow vegan for having seen someone wearing Canada Goose. I personally couldn’t understand why or how a vegan could be so confrontational and I did not want her approach to cast a shadow over the ‘peaceful’ vegans at the march, I didn’t feel it was fair. We got into a slightly heated argument but a few minutes later came together to discuss the situation, we talked it out, both apologised and hugged.

But then I got it… Her regular frustration of those whom surround her (that aren’t vegan) has made her passionate, strong, fierce, forceful and a powerful entity. Her approach to veganism is her way, and we’re all at different stages to activism but we must try to be compassionate and see all angles to the argument. All perspectives are valid and all approaches have different benefits… I’m sure the guy she shouted at will not be forgetting her anytime soon!

Whilst I would not take an ‘aggressive’ approach right now, who’s to say that in the future I’m not just as angry and out there liberating animals in numerous ways? We are all on a journey and must remember to be mindful, supportive and to listen.

Just because it isn’t your way, doesn’t mean it isn’t right… It’s just different.


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