Budget it! Save Food, Money and Time

I love a fully stocked fridge and kitchen cupboards, but equally I love to impulse buy when I see ‘VEGAN’ labelled foods in the supermarket.

With the kitchen in an abundance of food, I often find myself not knowing what to make for dinner. How can this be? I regularly throw away expired foods, along with much fruit and veg. What a waste of food, time and money. Impulse buying or unplanned perishables in the shopping basket don’t always match up and work together as a meal. But this can be changed and dramatically changed at that… meal planning.

Yes, this sounds very obvious and simple, but planing meals for the week is logical, so why aren’t we doing it more? I question myself, Victoria, why aren’t you doing this more?!

As my partner is training for a half marathon (very proud of him) and I try to be mindful of my diet, we’re certainly not ‘junk food vegans’. I try to cook meals containing decent carbohydrates, vegetables, nutrients, fibre and protein. It’s important for me that we have a balanced diet and I thoroughly love making dinner and experimenting with different herbs and spices.


Above is my first draft of our ‘meal plan’.

Here it goes… and here is my ‘top tips’ for creating a meal plan.

  1. Write out the days of the week in a column and next to each day write a meal. Keep in mind what days you are going to be more tired (Monday’s for me) and what days you go to the gym (you may want lighter meals or more carbohydrates, personal preference, etc.)
  2. Check your cupboards! What do you already have in the kitchen? Use up those tins of chickpeas and coconut milk to make a curry, chuck a tin of lentils into a pasta dish, etc. Remember to use up what you have, waste not want not!
  3. Check you have the ingredients to make your planned meals and DO NOT sway away from your plan. This is key and only buy what you need, not what you want.
  4. Put the list on the fridge so everyone can see what they are having for dinner that week.
  5. Stick to it! Try this method for a week and see how much money, time and food you save. You’ve got nothing to lose.

Thank you for reading

– Victoria

PS. Tonight we are having baked beans on toast with Sainsbury’s mushroom sausages!


One thought on “Budget it! Save Food, Money and Time

  1. Great post 🙂 I use a whiteboard to keep our meal plans visible and I find it’s easy to amend, if required. You can pick them up for quite cheap. Also, i found that going to Aldi saved us a few quid too 🙂


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