Danny, my champion of the world

During outreach I have said many times;

‘As a kid I loved eating chicken nuggets and I couldn’t get enough of them! But… I also loved my cat, Danny and it saddens me to think I wasn’t aware or had made the connection, that I was eating one animal whilst protecting and loving another.’


Danny and I.

This regularly circulates in my mind and I see this distraught look of regret and shame on many vegans faces when they say ‘I wish I’d made the connection sooner and become vegan’. Whilst I agree in making a connection earlier, I cannot change my past choices or should be mad at myself for not being vegan sooner. I did what I thought was right and without guidance from my peers as a child, it would have been difficult to bring about any change or notice what needed to change.

Vegans are exceptionally caring, sympathetic, loving, understanding and have an abundance of empathy. I do not believe any of us would deliberately bring about pain or suffering if we knew the truth. That’s why you shouldn’t be so hard on yourself for your previous choices, it was a past life and you do the best with the information and knowledge that you have.

Don’t be so hard on yourself and feel yourself with regret and shame, you’re doing the best you can now and that’s what matters.


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