Where it’s at right now…

Surely being overwhelmed by the fucked up issues in the world, is normal?

As 2018 approaches a close, I’ve taken time to reflect on what (I believe) really matters.

What really matters to you? Do you question your priorities much?

Topics such as; work, relationships (all forms), money, material goods, food, our impact on the world, the environment, mental and physical health, society, politics, travel, art, creatures (good and bad)…etc. These topics aren’t all that matter in life but they are a select few, that occur in our daily routines as ‘functioning creatures’.

Last week I resigned from my job. It was making me physically and mentally ill due to the lack of communication, work, understanding, compassion, and team effort within the workplace. I felt physically unwell at the thought of attending work and by home time I was in a whirlwind of sadness, depression and anxiety due to the direct negativity within the office. When an environment is toxic and it cripples your ability to function outside the workplace, it’s time to leave.

It can be exceptionally lonely when you hit low moods, you want to become isolated and disappear into a corner. To combat this I have started to keep a list of what matters and what would make me happy. Self care is incredibly important and something we should all keep in mind.

Animal rights activism took a huge part in my life, starting 1 year ago today. The activist community are an inspiring bunch, but taking a step back has been important to reevaluate the goals and establish what needs to be achieved. Animal liberation obviously, but how do we get there?


Animals are so important to defend and the injustice they suffer as a result of our greed makes me incredibly angry, however, I’ve lost much patience in discussing these issues with members of the public because the vast majority seem to lack any understanding, care or the ability to change because (in their opinion) THEY are more important than a pig/cow/sheep/chicken/lamb, etc. What a bunch of arseholes! Do you find this frustrating?

Personally I cannot cope with the selfish and ignorant attitude of others. Being in such negative spaces (on all levels) is toxic to my personal self-care. To be an activist you need to be the best version of yourself and not sabotage the work of others because really you want to scream at people ‘YOU’RE AN ARSEHOLE! YOU SELFISH BASTARD!!’.

There comes a time when taking a step back to reevaluate your structure, tactics, game plan and goals need to be looked at, so you don’t come across as a dick!


ps. Still thinking about what matters… I’ll get back to you.


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