The Calming of Anxiety

Your heart races, stomach churning, head spinning, no ability to move from your crippled state. O my, these feelings can be incredibly uncomfortable on every level; mentally and physically.

For those who suffer with anxiety know how this feels and for those who don’t, I never wish for you too. It can strike when you least expect it or it can strike with a gradual climb from your stomach into your head over a few days.

Recently suffered with a bout of depression. After resigning from my job it’s been a struggle to know how to structure my time most effectively and how to control my depression and anxiety, but I’ve always ensured I’m doing ‘something’. Wether that is:

  • Netflix – visually stimulating my mind
  • Podcasts – calmly learning
  • Sleeping – recharging and allowing my body to rest
  • Painting – focussing on my skill and interest
  • Cooking – making nutritious fuel
  • Fitness – going to the gym and making my body strong
  • Cuddling the cat – to feel loved and happy

Since spending around 6 weeks of the days to myself, it’s given time to assess what’s important in life. What is important?

  • Health
  • Happiness
  • Freedom
  • Honesty
  • Love
  • Giving
  • Caring
  • Focus
  • Nature

I believe all of those listed above, if focussed on and practiced can be applied to making a life worth living.

Depression does not have a switch allowing you to control when it stops or starts, nor does anxiety but you can take measures to control it whilst active. It’s a constant battle and a learning curve but it is solvable.

Take care of you and keep pushing through those dark days and nights.


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