‘Method’ Anti-Bac Spray – Product Review

Brand: 'Method’ Product: Anti-bacterial, 'all purpose cleaner' Scent: Wild rhubarb Size: ‘Big Bottle’ 828ml Cost: £3.00 Pros Good cleaning performance on kitchen worktops and various surfaces Kills 99.9% of bacteria Beautiful scent of rhubarb, clean and refreshing Certified 'cruelty free' Biodegradable ingredients Easy to use with great spray nozzel Clearly labelled with thorough and clear... Continue Reading →

Treking for that Protein

Protein bars... Delicious and nutritious? Since the beginning of my plant-based diet and fitness regime, the question of... 'getting enough protein' ... is a reoccurring subject. From one source online, they provided the following information: Men - 56g protein recommended, daily Women - 46g protein recommended, daily Lentils - 1 cup = 18g protein Black... Continue Reading →

Ethical High Street Fashion – H&M

In reality, the majority of us probably have too many clothes. Wearing the same 'favourite' items of clothing each week, whilst the remaining stock pile in our wardrobes and drawers stay there, dormant, never to see the light of day. Since embracing a plant-based diet and a more ethical, environmentally friendly approach to living life,... Continue Reading →

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